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Wish you noticed birds or stars in the sky more often than planes?
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Call or e-mail the official BWI noise hotline when you hear a plane that is too loud or too low

BWI noise hotline 410-859-7021

E-mail -

The phone number seems more effective, not sure if anyone always looks at the email address.

If you don't file a complaint,  the reports can make it look like no one cares about the BWI aircraft noise

Write, call, email your state and federal representatives - the state owns and runs BWI

Only they can ask MAA and BWI to dedicate a fraction of the hundreds of millions of tax dollars and state revenues spent on BWI and BWI expansion, to any noise studies and better noise reduction plans.  Even a little would help pay for more noise stations and studies to show what changes might make a difference while still being reasonable. In the past there was significant resistance to any noise reduction studies and to many simple, sensible, fact based steps. Maybe things have changed and you can help.

The number one item  - Maryland political candidates positions on sensible noise reduction -

Please contact your candidates and ask them and let us know

Many candidates and winners emailed us. Thank you, !

Please email us for ideas on how to devlop a state house game plan and to volunteer to help
How to help, about us and what is on our other pages

We need your help! We could use any volunteer help you could think of to help our cause.

Only volunteers can help us make our own noise and begin working more with the MAA, elected officials, etc..Please contact us at

We are a grass roots organization recently started to help push for BWI noise action. We were originally started by a few engineers who live under a some of the airport flight paths and think there is a way to reduce noise without having large effects on traffic. With a significant percentage of Marylanders effected by increasing plane noise and BWI run by the state, spending our tax dollars, we hope to influence political debate and voters. We also plan to ask for additonla data gathering and follow on studies to help link the loudest events with actual aircraft and define the effective and reasonable actions help reduce noise, and plans to implement them.

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For example altitude and turn guideline compliance and noise station data click the ' BWI compliance & ns data' button in the header above

Important - Contact your candidates and vote for those who care.


Coming soon - Is it so bad to just report  fuel dumps from commercial airplanes over Maryland? How does one find out when they happen and where?


CAAN is a larger older organization relying on volunteers, doing similar, work at Dulles and National

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